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Service for Self Employed


Save time and get your tax calculated by someone that you can trust. Tax return, Self Assessment, Record keeping, deadlines, bills and payments. Read more...

Service for Limited Companies

Limited company can be registered within 24h. Company formation and closing, service address, register as worker,
annual return.

Help with official matters


Professional help with benefits, applying for residency, opening bank accounts, applying for national insurance number, official letters and appeals. Read more...

How can we help you?


My Personal Accountant specialize in handling small and medium-size active enterprises in the UK. Our offer includes companies annual accounts, self assessment, VAT calculation, payroll preparation, support of constraction companies in CIS sector, business consulting and immigration consultation.

We understand that all of our clients are different and our services are always adjusted to your needs. None of work is too small or too complicated for us.

Do not hesitate and call us today!

My Personal Accountant Ltd.

Who pays National Insurance?




You pay National Insurance contributions if you're an employee or self-employed and you're aged 16 and over, as long as your earnings are more than a certain level. If you're employed you stop paying National Insurance contributions as soon as you reach State Pension age. If you are self-employed, you stop paying Class 2 contributions as soon as you reach State Pension age and Class 4 contributions from the start of the tax year after the one in which you reach State Pension age.



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